Manayunk Janitorial Services

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Peachy Kleen Janitorial Inc. is the premier Manayunk janitorial services and residential cleaning company in Manayunk, PA 19127. Peachy Kleen is licensed, bonded, and reliable to clean your home and make it look and feel good as new. Peachy Kleen has been providing the best janitorial services, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, floor buffing, and carpet cleaning in Manayunk PA for over 20 years. We aim to make your home or residential property a healthy place in which to relax and live. We work to keep our clients satisfied with our work, and many of our clients have been with us for as long as 15 years. Our team of cleaners are each trained and fully equipped to handle any size of janitorial cleaning job.

As a janitorial services company in Manayunk PA, we specialize in residential cleaning services in Manayunk PA and the surrounding Philadelphia area. Your home can be susceptible to all types of dirt and grime, so it is highly important to keep it as clean and tidy as possible. Working with Peachy Kleen comes with the guarantee of an in-depth evaluation of the property. Depending on what needs your property has, we will provide you with a free estimate, so you know exactly what the costs will be. We do not believe in charging payment for services that aren't required, and will only bill for what exactly is needed. As no two properties are exactly the same, the services needed can be customized for the client.

In addition to a free estimate, working with Peachy Kleen also allows for flexible scheduling. We understand that every client has their own busy schedule. We will work around your schedule so that we are never interrupting your day to day life during the cleaning process. Nobody wants to have to deal with people coming in and out of the house while you're there, so we can schedule cleaning days during times you're out of the house to avoid any hassle. You won't have to worry about providing any supplies for us, as Peachy Kleen is fully equipped and provides all necessary supplies for any cleaning job in Manayunk Pennsylvania. We use only the highest quality cleaning supplies in the industry.

Manayunk Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis to extend their life. Our team has the supplies necessary to keep your carpet fresh, clean, and is always available with our flexible scheduling. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is available to answer them or to offer any suggestions to what can help your living space be a healthier place to stay in.

Manayunk Janitorial Services in Manayunk PA

The professionals at Peachy Kleen are fully capable of Manayunk janitorial services of small or large scale. We handle floor stripping, floor waxing, floor buffing, carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, debris removal, and window cleaning. Clean windows can do a wonder for the overall appearance and value of your property, so it is important to keep them as clean as possible. We believe that a job isn't done until it's done right. We will only leave when your home is spotless as it should be. We will also clean up any excess materials of ours before we leave. When you need a Manayunk janitorial services company that will save you time, money, and get your job right the first time, call Peachy Kleen in Manayunk Philadelphia, PA, 19127.

  • Floor Stripping
  • Floor Waxing
  • Floor Buffing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Dusting Blinds
  • Shining Wooden Floors
  • Shine Fixtures
  • Cleaning Dust and Grime

If you are in need of Manayunk janitorial services, or are looking for a Manayunk janitorial services company to clean your residential property in Manayunk, PA 19127, contact Peachy Kleen Janitorial Inc. by calling us at (215) 487-2422 or by filling out our contact form here.